What is Ocean News Magazine?

The Ocean News Magazine aims to increase awareness and educate the population by providing a reliable source of information based on discoveries made around the world. This may be a global rise in ocean temperatures, the discovery of a new marine species or following small start-up companies that gather information and conserve our oceans.
This website aims to provide access to knowledge about the current ocean status without the need of being a specialist, whilst also appealing to those that work in or around it for a living.
No one should be kept in the dark of how the oceans are being affected or how they’re trying to be saved, so that is our aim. To inform the misinformed, ill-informed and the uninformed about everything we can, hopefully creating a society that understands and cares more about our oceans than ever before.

Our end Goal

Our end goal is to expand and gather enough funding to produce a magazine. It will be a magazine that allows every reader to gain an understanding of the good and bad affecting the largest mass of our planet, as it contains news gathered from across the globe. It will explain what needs to be done to help the oceans and also promotes those doing exactly that.